Koji Karaike
Kyushu railway company

Representative Director and Chairman, Kyushu Railway Company

Born on April 2nd, 1953, Mr. Karaike graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Law, and joined Japan National Railways. With the breakup and privatization of Japan National Railways in 1987, he joined JR Kyushu Railway Company, where he successfully led operations of Design & Story (D&S) trains including Yufuin no Mori and ASO Boy, and put in service Beetle, a high-speed craft that travels between Hakata and Busan, Korea. Later, Mr karaike turned a food service company, which had previously been in the red, financially, profitable. After the aquistion of this food service, he assumed the role of president for the newly established JR Kyushu Food Service Inc.

He successfully launched “Akasaka Umaya” in Tokyo in 2002. Mr. Karaike became the president of JR Kyushu Railway Company in June 2009. In 2011, he was at the head of completing two large projects: putting in service the Shinkansen rail system throughout Kyushu and opening JR Hakata Station, which is one of the largest commercial station buildings in Japan. Also, Mr. Karaike took command of the planning and operation of Seven Stars in Kyushu, a cruise train that started in October 2013. He has been the chairman of JR Kyushu Railway Company since June 2014.

Takato Utsunomiya
The Pokémon Company

Representative Director, Chief Operating Officer(COO) of The Pokémon Company, Inc.

Upon graduating, worked for three years at Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. as a management consultant.

Joined The Pokémon Company in 2005. Since then, he has managed various divisions, including web promotions, retail operations, card games, character licensing, and video game development. After working on the launch of Pokémon GO and working as a business manager, he is presently working as the Chief Operating Officer(COO). Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo in 2002. Born January 25, 1979.

Rihito Hatoyama
Hatoyama Soken Corporation

After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University School of International Politics, Economics, and Communication, Mr. Hatoyama joined Mitsubishi Corporation where he was engaged in media and content businesses and worked with Avex Inc., Lawson Inc., and others.

He went abroad and earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Harvard Business School in 2008. Mr. Hatoyama joined Sanrio Company Ltd. in the same year, where he was responsible for business strategy, overseas business, movie, media, IT, and other new businesses and helped globalize Hello Kitty, before becoming independent. Currently he is an expert on contents, media, consumer brand, and technology fields, and is involved in several projects. He has served as external director for LINE Corporation, Pigeon Corporation, transcosmos Inc., and DeNA Co., Ltd. Mr Hatoyama is a venture partner for Sozo Ventures and an advisor to UUUM.

Armen Ovanessoff

Armen Ovanessoff is Principal Director at Accenture Research, where his focus is on macro-economic and business trends. His research usually involves topics at the intersection of business, government, and society. Most recently he has been looking at trends in globalization, the advent of intelligent technologies, and the future of learning. Armen’s opinions and research insights regularly feature in tier-1 economics and business journals and publications, and he is a frequent speaker and moderator at events. His consulting supports the development of international business strategies for Accenture and its multinational clients across industries.

Formally based in London, Armen established Accenture’s think tank in India which he ran from New Delhi; he also helped build the firm’s think tank in China and currently lives between the UK and Latin America, having set up and run the regional think tank from São Paulo, Brazil.

Marco Tempest

Accenture Luminary & Extended Reality Lead Consultant, Accenture

Inventing the Impossible

Marco Tempest specializes in developing immersive experiences of future technologies. Taking ideas about advanced technology, and how we might interact with it, and finding innovative ways to bring those concepts alive.

Marco is a frequent keynote speaker at tech conferences around the world, a Directors Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, serves as a creative consultant at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and is an Accenture Luminary & Accenture’s Lead Consultant for Extended Reality.  Marco is the executive director of the NYC MagicLab, a science consortium exploring illusion and digital technology. 

Yoichi Ochiai

Born in 1987, Ochihai Yoichi received his Ph.D. in Applied Computer Science from the University in Tokyo in 2 years (the fastest record). He is an Advisor to the President, Assistant Professor, and Research Head of Digital Nature Group at University of Tsukuba, Visiting Professor at Osaka University of Arts, and Visiting Professor at the Digital Hollywood University. He is the CEO of Pixie Dust Technologies Inc.

He has received the World Technology Award 2015, the Prix Ars Electronica 2016, EU STARTS Prize, was selected in Leaders of Tomorrow, Best Knowledge Pool by St. Gallen Symposium, Global Shapers by World Economic Forum and received many other nominations for various awards. He was the cover for Nature Index Japan 2017, Axis Magazine, and appeared on CNN, BBC, Discovery, CNBC, Reuter, and over 100 other media outlets. He is the author of Century of Enchantment (PLANETS), and Message to the Futurists of Tomorrow (Shogakukan).

Shunsuke Nakamura

Shunsuke Nakamura is the representative director of SHIKUMI DESIGN Inc.

After graduation from Nagoya University, Department of Architecture, he continued his study of media art at the graduate school of Kyushu Institute of Design (currently Kyushu University Graduate School of Design) and received his Ph.D in Art Engineering.

He established SHIKUMI DESIGN Inc. in 2005.
He has worked on a number of projects that were implemented for the first time in Japan, including participation-based signage, real-time video projection at live shows, and others.

In addition, he has always developed new fields as a pioneer of User Experience (UX), including the development of KAGURA, a new generation musical instrument that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to play music according to body movement, and Springin, a creative and visual programming tool.

He has received several awards, both domestically and abroad, including the Intel Perceptual computing challenge grand prize in the United States and the Sonar+D start up competition grand prize in Spain.

Ai Hasegawa

Hasegawa Ai is an artist and designer. She produced many works, with emphasis on subjects relating to technology and people, employing techniques such as Bio Art, Speculative Design, and Design Fiction.

She obtained her MA in 2012 from Design Interactions Course, Royal College of Art in Britain. Afterwards, she worked as a researcher at Design Fiction Group and in the MIT Media Lab from 2014 to fall of 2016.

She then went on for a Master of Science in 2016, and served as Project Researcher at the University of Tokyo from 2017.

She won the the Excellence Award at Work Art Division at the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival for her work titled, “(Im)possible Baby, Case 1: Asako and Moriga”. She holds exhibitions inside and outside of Japan, including at Mori Art Museum and Ars Electronica.

Federico Lamas Vidales

Since 2006, Federico Lamas Vidales has been a founding partner and a General Director of the first environment university for a graduate school in Latin America that is committed to sustainability.

Currently he is a member of Valle de Bravo City Planning Committee, a Community Association for Acatitlan Valley, Somos Valle, Civil Observatory, and other social and environmental organizations. Mr. Federico received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Ibero-American University in Mexico, and a Master of Environmental Studies from Melbourne University in Australia. He graduated from these institutions with honors, started his career in companies related to social and environmental sustainability, and is a pioneer in shaping the concept of Impact Company.

Mr. Federico appeared in conferences and events including TEDx, GreenExpo, National Entrepreneur Week, Eco Fest, Cleantech Cluster, Change Agents Leaders, International Sustainability Forum, and others. He has a wide range of experience in forums related to education, business, and sustainability. His career has earned a high reputation through Holcim Awards, Quorum Awards, Win-Win Awards, Latin American Quality Awards, and others.

Fumiaki Yamazaki
Sherpa Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yamazaki is from Fukuoka Prefecture. He is interested in architecture and interior design and studied at Designer Gakuin College Kyushu. After graduation, Mr. Yamazaki entered a company specialized in store design and construction where he was mainly responsible for store designs and construction sites. As personal computers were introduced in the company, he studied by himself to master Computer Graphics perspective. Fascinated by the beauty of producing CG, he founded Sherpa Co., Ltd. in 1999.

Masa Fukata
Director, Game Changer Catapult, Panasonic

Masa co-founded an internal innovation accelerator “Game Changer Catapult” in 2016, an initiative to transform ideas into reality to make the people’s wish through open innovation for a better life, a better world at the home tech division, Appliances Company in Panasonic Corporation. Also he was appointed as Director in BeeEdge Co.,Ltd. a joint-venture business incubation company with Panasonic, Scrum Ventures LLC, a US-based venture capital firm, and INCJ, Ltd.

He started his career in Panasonic, executed marketing communications for audio/video and digital imaging products, including launching of Lumix digital camera and DVD recorder with Hollywood film and music scene, after participation of the international management program in Canada and the United States. Managed sport sponsorship contract including IOC and several Organizing Committees of Olympic and Paralympic Games from 2004, technology operations and executing marketing strategy and communications, followed by a career as Director, Panasonic Canada Inc. MBA, Kobe University, Japan.