JCI Japan


The basic foundations of the Jaycee movement in Japan were first laid in 1949, by young active citizens determined to help raise the economy from the ashes of postwar Japan, and the movement spread rapidly through the country. Following its establishment, with Tokyo as the base of operations for the nationwide movement, in 1951 Junior Chamber International Japan (JCI Japan) was officially affiliated with Junior Chamber International (JCI). The Headquarters of JCI is located in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America.


There is only one basic requirement for being a member of Junior Chamber International: one must be between 20 and 40 years of age. There are approximately 700 Local Organizations throughout Japan with about 36,000 active members and JCI Japan is divided into 10 Districts and 47 Bloc Councils, all working in close cooperation with one another to promote the Jaycee movement nationwide. JCI Japan projects are carried out by approximately 2,200 members, chosen from around the country to participate at the national level. 30 of these serve as officers of the National Board, which includes the Immediate Past President, three Advisors, and 47 Bloc Council Chairpersons, among others, all of whom are led by the National President. Their term is from January 1 through December 31, and lasts one year. The organization’s operational expenses are funded by annual membership dues, a major portion of which are used for the execution of JCI Japan projects. These National level members meet at their own expense at the JCI Japan Secretariat for monthly board and/or Bloc Council Meetings, as well as to prepare for the various JCI Japan projects they are in charge of.


Since being founded, JCI Japan has aimed to build a bright and prosperous society, through community and personal development. All activities are carried out based on the three principles of Training, Service and Fellowship, and the members promote and carry out projects based on these principles.

Human Resources

The members of the JCI Japan work tirelessly, not only in their voluntary activities in the community, but also in their activities in the worlds of politics and the economy. For current JCI Japan projects, please refer to the official JCI Japan website: http://www.jaycee.or.jp